Stephaney Allinson BHMA, MNIMH, MCPP,
Medical Herbalist

Below are a few of the documents I use; some are required before starting a course of treatment such as the consent form and some are used throughout the treatment like the menstruation chart. Forms like the diet diary will be used at various points during the treatment to keep a check of changes. The sleep charts can be used either throughout the course of treatment or just at various points depending on both the severity of the insomnia and what the intended outcome of treatment is.
Consent form.doc Consent form.doc
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Type : doc
Menstruation Chart.docx Menstruation Chart.docx
Size : 17.077 Kb
Type : docx
Size : 23.5 Kb
Type : doc
Sleep Diary 1.doc Sleep Diary 1.doc
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Type : doc
sleep diary 2.pdf sleep diary 2.pdf
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Type : pdf
Sleep Diary Hourly.doc Sleep Diary Hourly.doc
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This is the Health check with an Herbalist form:

Healthcheck Form.odt Healthcheck Form.odt
Size : 4.798 Kb
Type : odt